Servco Carpet Cleaning

What we use:


It is very important to us to use safe,

non-toxic cleaning products. 

If you would like to know more about the

Green Seal cleaning products we use you

can follow this link.

Cleaning Unit:

We use a truck powered "Cleanco" steam-

cleaning plant. See below for more info.

For Those High-Rises!

We have a professional grade portable 

unit for high-rise condos and offices.

Cleanco's Heat Max P.T.I. post heat system is the last stage of heat exchange before the heated cleaning solution passes through the solution outlet.  The heat boost system captures the hot exhaust form the vacuum blower which then passes through the P.T.I. delivering water temperatures of 240 F+.

Using hotter water ensures a faster cleaning process, enhanced cleaning results and decreased drying time.